Welcome to ESCO's web-site

Since 2006, the Electricity Market Operator (ESCO) has been serving the stability of Georgian Electric Power Sector, the Country’s uninterrupted supply and active development of Georgian Energy System. ESCO has commenced its operation in 2006, based on the amendments introduced to the Law of Georgia on Electricity and Natural Gas. In accordance with this Law and the Electricity (Capacity) Market Rules, ESCO exclusively pursues the Balancing Electricity and Guaranteed Capacity trading and fulfills the seasonal need for import/export of electricity and inspects the wholesale metering nodes. ESCO is a guaranteed purchaser of electricity produced by newly built power plants. The registration procedure conducted by ESCO for Eligible Enterprises to access the wholesale trade is easy and efficient. Since 2006, ESCO has sold 17.094  billion kWh of Balancing Electricity, exported 2.789 billion kWh and imported 5.797 billion kWh of electricity. The Guaranteed Capacity Sources have received GEL 680.8 million through ESCO. Average annual turnover of the Electricity Market Operator enterprise exceeds GEL 500 million. The Company’s total Tax payment to the Budget is GEL 107.7 million, whereas paid dividends have exceeded GEL 10 million.

ESCO cooperates with the organizations that unite the electricity trade participant entities worldwide. Since 2014, the Electricity Market Operator is the member of APEx (Association of Power Exchange), which unites the energy companies of over 40 leading countries (http://www.theapex.org). From 2015, ESCO is the member of Europex (European Association of Power Exchanges http://www.europex.org). Only 24 power companies are the members of Europex, among them, ESCO is the first representative from non-EU countries.