According to the Electricity (Capacity) Market Rules, approved by the Law of Georgia №816-IIs on Electricity and Natural Gas (dated June 27, 1997) and the Georgian Energy Minister’s Order №77 of August 30, 2006, one of the functions of the Electricity Market Operator is sale and purchase of balancing electricity (capacity), including through the conclusion of short, medium and long term contracts on import/export.

In addition to the abovementioned contracts and in compliance with the Electricity (Capacity) Market Rules, the Electricity Market Operator has the exclusive right on signing the contracts import/export in the state of emergency, to provide for the stability of the power system.

At the same time, under the current legislation, during the transit of electricity, the difference between the inflow and outflow of electricity via Georgian energy system (transit deviations) represents the import or export of electricity. During the transit, in order to regulate the mentioned deviations (import or export), the electricity export and import contracts or the direct contracts for exports and imports are signed on transit deviations between the Electricity Market Operator and the transit customer, subject to the prior agreement with the Dispatch Licensee.

 In order to implement the above functions, the Electricity Market Operator has signed the contracts on import and export with relevant entities of neighboring countries, including the contracts on mutual assistance in emergency situations as well as the contracts with every respective "transit customer” on purchase of deviations occurred during the transit of electricity.