Settlement Indicators of December 2015

In December 2015, the  quantity of  balancing  electricity  purchased  (sold)  by  ESCO  accounted  for
176 076 272.5 kWh, which represents 17% of total delivery to the grid in mentioned month. The cost of balancing electricity have made up   23 124 458 GEL.

In December, the Weighted Average Price of balancing electricity per kWh made up   13.1332049 Tetri, whereas the price of balancing electricity of deregulated hydro power plants was  10.871 Tetri/kWh

During the mentioned reporting period, the balancing electricity, purchased by ESCO, mainly, consisted of the imported electricity. The share of import in total volume of balancing electricity was 70%, thermal power plants - 4%, whereas the share of hydro power plants was 26%.

In December, 2015, the distribution companies and the direct consumers bought the balancing electricity from ESCO. Their equity participation in balancing electricity purchase, respectively, was 98% and 2%. 

In December, total cost of guaranteed capacity actually provided by the sources of guaranteed capacity was  14 178 689 GEL, whereas guaranteed capacity cost paid by eligible entreprices per each consumed kWh was 1.8106 Tetri.