On February 14, 2018, based on the Order No. 1-1/57, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia has amended ”the Electricity (Capacity) Market Rules”, approved by the Order №77 of the Minister of Energy of Georgia, on 30 August 2006. In particular, the amendment has referred to subparagraph "b.b" of paragraph 1 of article 14 and subparagraph "j" has been added to paragraph 1 of the same article.

The objective of the amendment is to clarify the rule of settlement, when selling the electricity, generated by the partially deregulated power plants to the Electricity Market Operator and to bring this rule into compliance with the existing legislation.

In addition, this amendment is aimed at introducing the rule of selling to the Electricity Market Operator the electricity, generated by the power plants, partially deregulated in accordance with subparagraph "b" of paragraph 4 of article 3 of the Law of Georgia on Electricity and Natural Gas and determining the issues related to the settlement.

The relevant change can be found on the link.