Joint registration of direct contracts

2 On March 26, 2024, revisions were made to Decree No. 77 (dated August 30, 2006), issued by the Minister of Energy of Georgia, titled "Approval of the Electricity (Capacity) Market Rules." These revisions specifically pertain to the regulations and protocols of the registration process for direct electricity contracts.

Registering direct contracts involves submitting the contract application form based on a direct contract between the dispatch licensee and the Electricity Market Operator, as well as the registration of contracts and applications for concluding a contract, provided for in Article 8 and Article 91 of these Rules, in the relevant registration journals. This process may also be done electronically. A registration number is then assigned to them.

Direct contracts must be submitted simultaneously for registration to both the Electricity Market Operator and the dispatch licensee. The compulsory registration of direct contracts is conducted in accordance with the provisions set forth in Article 9 of "The Electricity (Capacity) Market Rules."

These amendments shall become effective on April 1, 2024.

Contract Application Form