Settlement Indicators of April 2018

In April 2018, the quantity of balancing electricity, purchased (sold) through ESCO was 190 626 483.1 kWh, which represents 18% of total delivery to the grid in mentioned month. The cost of balancing electricity have made up 23 137 560.8 GEL.

 - Sold through the direct contracts

 - Balancing electricity

In April, the Weighted Average Price of balancing electricity per kWh made up 12.1376424 Tetri, while the price of balancing electricity of the deregulated hydro power plants was  11.248 Tetri/kWh.

During the mentioned reporting period, the balancing electricity, purchased by ESCO, mainly, consisted of the electricity generated by the HPPs. The share of import in total volume of balancing electricity was 6%, the share of thermal power plants was 4%, the share of wind farm 5%, whereas the share of hydro power plants was 85%.

Seller of Balancing Electricity

       - HPP                

 - TPP         

- Import    

   ♦ - Wind Farm

In April, 2018, the distribution companies and the direct consumers bought the balancing electricity from ESCO. Their equity participation in balancing electricity purchase, respectively, was 99.7% and 0.3%.

Buyer of Balancing Electricity


   ♦ - Distribution Company                 

     - Direct Consumer                             

In April, total amount of guaranteed capacity actually provided by the sources of guaranteed capacity was 15 881 730 GEL.